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I rather like, which has recently been migrating to a new site, I buy stuff online a lot (mostly eBay these days), and having a single place to track everything is awesome, especially since I can get email alerts and the like.

Another nice feature of Packagetrackr was its Windows Gadget – that is, until the gadget broke many months ago. The site hasn’t updated the gadget since 2010, and I figured it was just broken and that was that. However, this afternoon, as I was idly looking at stuff online, it occurred to me that the gadget’s failure was probably due to one of Packagetrackr’s URLs changing. Windows Gadgets that get information off the Internet use XML, RSS, JavaScript, and similar technologies. That said, there had to be something in the code of this particular gadget that I might be able to fix to make it work again.

Lo and behold, a quick search of the gadget’s files and a subsequent search for those scripts (this gadget uses JavaScript to pull data from Packagetrackr’s service) online confirmed my suspicion. A quick change to main.html and maps.html fixed the problem, and I can once again obsessively track packages until the moment they hit my doorstep.

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If you want to get the fixed gadget, download it here.

12 thoughts on “’s Windows Gadget

  1. Bill


    Glad to have found a fixed version of Packagetrackr after looking all over the web for it.

    It seems to be working fine except for the Maps.

    Is there something that can be done to fix this?



    1. Claire Post author

      Hi Bill,

      It turns out that my fix was using an outdated version of Packtrackr’s JavaScript. I’ve updated the gadget and confirmed that it shows maps properly now.

      You can re-download from the same link in this post to get the updated version.


  2. Brett_Edmond_Carlock

    Hey, as of May 6th, your updated version appears to have been broken again by back-end changes on Fara.

    I get a JSON object error when attempting to login on the gadget now.

    Thanks for the work, you’re providing an invaluable fix for all us diehards 🙂

    1. Claire Post author


      Can you provide a screenshot or copypasta of the error you’re getting? I’m logged in to the gadget right now and everything seems to be okay – I can log out and back in without any errors, and add/remove/archive packages.


      1. Brett_Edmond_Carlock

        Claire, it appears to have been an intermittent issue on my end somehow. I can use it with the version you have posted as well as it ever has worked (perhaps better because I have maps now which I only ever had for a very short while!).


  3. Pamela

    Thank you Claire you are awesome! I can now resume obsessively tracking my packages. I’ve been suffering horrible withdrawal symptoms for the last couple months.

  4. Aaron W

    Thank you I really appreciate it. I have found packagetrackr to be very useful and love the gadget. Thank You for fixing it!!!!

  5. Jim Moore

    Hi Claire,

    I want to thank you for fixing this gadget, I’ve been searching for a year looking for a fix. When I used the download from packagetrackr site and installed it, all it would show is initializing and that’s it.

    I went to “C:/Program Files/Windows Sidebar/Gadgets” folder and found folders for all the gadgets except for Packagetrackr.Gadget. I decided to uninstall the gadget and search online for a zip file with the packagetrackr.gadget folder and the files inside to make the gadget work. When I opened the sidebar gadget window, the gadget did not show up to uninstall it until I rebooted the system.

    While I was searching online I came across your forum that said you had a fix for the gadget so I downloaded the gadget file from here and it works now, except for the map which does show a google map but just sits there loading…. I also went back to “C:/Program Files/Windows Sidebar/Gadgets” folder to see if there was a folder for the gadget and there is none. Should there be a folder for this gadget with other folders and files inside it.

    Please let me know and Thank You for your time.

    My PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz, 2.00GB RAM, 32-bit system

    I have a couple screenshots but don’t know how to upload here.

  6. Brett_Edmond_Carlock


    Do you still use this gadget? It would appear that Google has fiddled with something yet again and the tracking map is broken once more.

    It loads the map data at 0/0 degrees, but never seems to load in the route data for the package itself.

    If you’re willing, I’d really love to see if this is a simple fix.

    Thanks for your time again,

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